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This is one of the high quality oboe reeds that you can buy online.


QI want to learn how to play the oboe but have never played before. What can I expect on my first lesson?
At your first lesson you will learn:

  • How to correctly assemble and care for your oboe.

  • How to form a correct, strong oboe embouchure.

  • How to take proper care of the oboe reed.

  • How to correctly hold the oboe and basic fingerings.

QI don't have an oboe but I want to learn. Will you provide one for me?
-No. If you don't have an oboe contact me and I will give you recommendations on where you can purchase or rent an oboe.

QI have an oboe but I don't have an oboe reed. Will you provide one for me?
-Yes I have oboe reeds available for purchase at low cost. 

QI have played other instruments in the past. Will switching to the oboe be difficult or expensive?
-No. The oboe in no more difficult to learn or expensive to purchase than any other woodwind instrument. I can provide guidance on how to find an instrument and materials that are within your desired price range and a good match for your unique objectives.

QI have breathing difficulties; does the oboe take a lot of air to play?
-No, playing the oboe should not present any particular challenges for those with breathing challenges. In fact, oboe players quite often have the opposite challenge of having too much air and needing to learn how to moderate breath outflow. 

QI have short fingers. Can I still learn how to play the oboe?
-Absolutely! How long or short your fingers are has no affect on whether you can learn how to play the oboe.

QAt what age is the best to start learning how to play the oboe?
-In general, the earlier one starts learning a musical instrument the better - in fact, a young students can start as early as 5th or 6th grade. But there is no age limit to learning to play music!

QDoes the oboe require a lot of additional equipment besides the oboe that I need to carry around with me?
-No. You only need a small container for water and a reed case for your oboe reeds.

QI have an oboe reed but it doesn't work very well, can you fix the oboe reed I have or do I have to buy a new oboe reed?
-Yes, depending on the condition of the reed, I may be able to provide assistance so you can still play on it. Depending on how much you play and practice, oboe reeds may last for up to a month.

QWhat do you mean when you say "Handmade Oboe Reeds"?
-Handmade means that I am in control of all aspect of how that oboe reed is made from start to finish: from hand selecting the materials to the time spent hand scraping the reed so it plays easy and sounds great. This compares to a factory made oboe reed that is produced from a machine and may not have the attention to quality and precision that comes from a handmade reed. You often find factory reeds at music stores or online. My objective is to provide you with a quality handmade oboe reed at an affordable price.

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