Precision precision precision! Using our custom made oboe cane profiler, our gouged and profiled oboe cane is ready to be folded, shaped and tied on the staple. Coming off our custom machine the tip and heart with have the dimensions to the right, "windows" are not added. Each piece is meticulously hand processed from gouged cane and is not folded. Each piece comes with a lightly etched "fold line" ensuring uniformity when folded. This quality produces results with accuracy within .01mm. 

Gouged & Profiled Oboe Cane

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    Minimum order of 3 pieces

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    Mix and match any 4 or more of our oboe cane products!


    • Gouge thickness .58 to .60mm
    • Traditional "V" shaped tip
    • Tip thickness 0.12mm - 0.14mm  
    • Heart thickness 0.49mm - 0.50mm

    Choose your cane Diameter (Optional)


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    At Oboe Excel we are commited to suppyling you with the best oboe reeds and oboe cane available. If you would like to include any specific requirements for playability and response, or measurements for cane, you can add them at checkout.


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We offer oboe lessons and oboe reed making lessons on both weekdays and some weekends, to help meet your unique scheduling needs. Please contact us  for an appointment.

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