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some of the handmade oboe reeds you can buy at oboeexcel. we sell medium soft oboe reeds for beginners. all the custom oboe reeds we sell are guaranteed to be the best.


At OboeExcel we sell handmade oboe reeds made from the best materials on the market. Strict quality control measures including a minimum of three sortings ensures that our oboe reeds are made with only the finest oboe cane available. We have a broad selection of oboe reeds for every player. Because of our low overhead we are able to sell custom handmade quality oboe reeds at reasonable prices.

Having trouble deciding?  See our guide below to help you choose the oboe reed that's right for you!

Intermediate Oboe Reeds

Our intermediate oboe reeds provide a cultured, dark and flexible sound. They are made with professional French oboe cane and staples and feature the refined classic American style scrape with V-shaped tip, defined heart and gently integrated windows.  They are great for performances as well as practice and are recommended for more advanced amateurs and students beyond their second year.

Student Oboe Reeds

Our high-quality student reeds are recommended for a less experienced and returning players. Made of student cane and staples, these reeds feature the classic American style scrape with a V-shaped tip and gently integrated heart and windows. They are excellent reeds for beginners or those just starting out on the oboe.  

Blank Oboe Reeds (tied but not scraped)

These partially finished oboe reeds are handmade from professional French oboe cane and staples.  We choose cane from approximately 10.5 mm diameter to cane which feature are most popular shape and gouge. They are tied using high-quality FF gauge thread, sealed with organic beeswax and ready to be scraped and finished by you.

Choosing Your Oboe Reed Strength

Our reeds are available in multiple strengths. Use the definitions below to help make the oboe reed selection that is right for you. 

Soft | Medium-Soft
Soft | Medium-Soft reeds are less resistant and more free blowing than our other strengths. That makes it easier to produce a sound, yet also a little more difficult to control. We recommend these to beginners or those who wear braces and players who prefer a lighter, 
freer blowing reed. 

Medium (Most Requested)
Medium strength reeds have a moderate amount of bamboo scraped from the surface. This produces a reed that plays easily for most players. These reeds offer more resistance than our medium soft reeds, which creates an even tone with maximum resonance and projection. We recommend this strength for most players.

This strength offers the most resistance. Less bamboo is removed, allowing the reed to vibrate richly. They produce a big, intense sound. We recommend the strength for more experienced players and those who preferred to do their own final scraping.  

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